Are Steelbooks A Good Investment?

In a world of digital streaming, it’s easy to think that physical media is going out of demand but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Steelbooks have been generating a lot of demand and interest thanks to their limited quantities meaning that they can be viewed as a good investment.

As investors put lots of time and effort into building large collections, it is no secret that Steelbooks have become a desirable form of media for film enthusiasts and gamers alike wanting a unique slice of their favorite film or game. In this guide, we’ll be taking you through everything you need to know about Steelbooks including what they are and what to look out for when conducting your own research.

This means you’ll be able to build your own Steelbook collection with confidence. 

What are Steelbooks?

Steelbooks contain a film or game that is packaged in a metal casing that makes them more durable for years to come and boasts unique designs on the covers.

They are often sold in limited quantities as they cost more to make and this, in turn, drives the demand for them up so whether you want to invest in the latest releases or have an eye out for a classic that you’ve always loved, there is bound to be a Steelbook version of it.

Steelbooks were first released in 2004 and have remained a hugely popular form of physical media since with lots of them maintaining their value due to the high demand. 

What films and games are released as Steelbooks?

As mentioned above, it is very likely that the majority of films and games have received a Steelbook release. New films and games tend to have a Steelbook option nowadays that include additional features and some even come with action figures and art cards which increases the desirability.

Chances are that if there is a film or game that piques your interest, there is a Steelbook release of it available, even if it is on the secondhand market. 

Why are Steelbooks sold in limited quantities?

Steelbooks cost more to produce than regular game and Bluray packaging meaning that the manufacturers have to be more accurate and careful when calculating the approximate demand.

For example, the latest Marvel release is more likely to have more Steelbooks available because there will be a higher demand for them compared to indie films that may not have had a wide release in the cinema.

On the other hand, the more limited a Steelbook is, the higher the demand on the resale market maybe meaning that sometimes indies can be sold for a large profit. 

The Steelbook Community

As with any kind of investment, a community begins to form and this has happened with Steelbooks as avid enthusiasts gather to discuss various aspects of Steelbooks including YouTube reviews and forums that look into additional features provided in the Steelbook of releases that are not in the regular release.

Within the Steelbook community, many subcultures specify in gaming Steelbooks and others that look into films. What makes Steelbooks so desirable to collectors is that they maintain their appearance over time whereas regular cases are more prone to damage and breakage. 

The unique designs that are featured on Steelbooks are part of what makes them so desirable as the artwork is usually commissioned by artists. With more releases boasting Steelbook variations, it’s becoming more commonplace to see them among film and gaming collections.

Whether you want to start investing in Steelbooks because you are passionate about films or games or there are certain films and games that you love the Steelbook design for, there are plenty of online discussions and forums that you can take part in to receive advice on what to expect from the product.

Bear in mind that if you do plan to resell and want to boost your chances of making a higher profit margin, then making sure the Steelbook remains new and sealed will create higher demand and ensure that it sells for a higher price. 

What to consider 

Now that you understand what a Steelbook is and what you can expect from them, it’s important to learn what you need to consider when you start your Steelbook collection.

This will help you to build a collection that is going to give you the best chances of generating a higher profit margin. Here are some of the most important factors that you need to consider:

  • Film or game

The first thing you should think about is whether you want to build a collection with films, games, or both. Rather than just buying every Steelbook you find, it’s important to make sure that you research what the Steelbook contains such as any additional features such as figurines or art cards that make them more desirable and appealing.

You may find that specializing your collection in certain films or games will help you to garner more knowledge and appeal to a niche market and generate a great reputation as a Steelbook collector. The downside to this is that you will be limiting yourself to a certain type of Steelbook which can be dependent on the latest releases. 

  • Opened or sealed

Another important factor to consider is whether you want to open your Steelbooks or keep them sealed. If you are purchasing the Steelbooks purely as an investment only in the hopes of generating a higher profit margin, then keeping them sealed in plastic will maintain their condition and allow you to resell them in the future at a higher price point.

On the other hand, if you want to enjoy your Steelbook and plan on opening it, you may still be able to make a profit but it may not be as high as keeping it sealed. 

  • Size of the collection

Following on from the previous factors, you need to think about how big or small you want your collection to be. Some collectors have hundreds, even thousands, of Steelbooks in their collection ranging from low to high price points whereas others have smaller collections that consist of more expensive Steelbooks.

You need to think about what space you have for your collection so you can be sure that you can maintain them properly. 

  • Budget

Lastly, you need to consider your budget when it comes to building your collection. Steelbooks can range hugely in price depending on any additions that are offered with some being sold for as little as $15 and others as high as hundreds of dollars.

You need to think about how much you plan on spending on your collection. As with any investment, you have to make sure that you are not spending money that you don’t have so making sure that you keep an eye on your finances as you make your investments will ensure that you are not out of pocket. 


Do Steelbooks hold their value?

Steelbooks are usually made in limited quantities meaning that there is often high demand for them. This means that when it comes to reselling them, they can be a great investment, especially if there was an extremely limited number of them available. 

What is the point of Steelbook?

Steelbooks is a Bluray or game that is stored in a metal casing. They usually have a unique design on the covers that depicts a classic design or unique artwork. They are more stylish in appearance than regular Bluray or game cases and are more durable over time thanks to the material. 

What was the first Steelbook?

The first Steelbook was for the PS2 game, Killzone, which was released on 26th November 2004 and is worth a lot more now than it was on its initial release. 


In conclusion, Steelbooks can be fantastic investments provided that you choose carefully. Making sure that you do your research and consider everything discussed in this article will mean that you have a better understanding of the market and ensure that you generate more profit when it comes to reselling the Steelbooks on the market.

The more limited a Steelbook is, the more demand there is, and therefore, the more likely you are going to make a large profit on it. The most important thing to remember, however, is to have fun and make sure that you enjoy your collection. 

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