Are Pandora Bracelets A Good Investment?

Money is at the epicentre of society. Money truly does keep the world turning. How much money we have access to affects everything from the lifestyle we live, to the house we can afford, to the upbringing our child has.

It is also really important to remember that we work hard for our money, it isn’t just handed to us, so you probably want to make sure that you are protecting it.

One of the most effective ways of protecting your money is investing it. This is because if  you simply leave it sitting still in the bank  for years, over time it will become worth less and less.

One of the main reasons for this  is that the vast majority of  banks don’t have very good interest rates and therefore they do not usually correspond to the rate of inflation.  In simple terms, this means that if you put $20000 in your bank account now  and leave it there for 10 years with the intention of it being for your child’s first house deposit, this probably wont work out. 

This is because in 10 years this $20000 will be worth much less and you will more than likely no longer be able to afford a house deposit with it. For this reason (amongst many others)  it is generally speaking a good idea to invest your money because usually as inflation increases so does the worth of what you have invested in so you should come out with more money than you started with.

The difficulty is that when it comes to investments the possibilities are endless so it can be impossible to know where to begin. Investing means taking big risks so therefore it is important that you know all of the pros and cons of investing within the specific field that you plan on going into before diving head first. 

When investing people usually go for the more expensive things as these tend to be more worth while investing in and they also tend to hold their value better than cheap thin

gs. When we think of expensive things we naturally think of life’s luxuries, the nonnescesitys and one of the most common luxuries that people buy, sell and invest in is jewelry. It is important to note that jewelry is a very broad term. Jewelry covers necklaces, bracelets, rings and more.

Similarly the price of jewelry can vary drastically; it can literally range from a couple of dollars to millions of dollars. The problem is that investing in the real cheap stuff isn’t really worth your time and it doesn’t hold its value very well. Similarly, investing in jewelry that is too expensive can also have risks, for instance, all of your money can end up tied up in one asset and if that loses value you can end up with nothing to show for all of your hard work over the years.

For these reasons the vast majority of jewelry investors tend to go for mid-tier jewelry. These are usually well known brands that cost somewhere within the hundreds or sometimes even less. One brand that may be worth considering if you decide to go down this root in Pandora. 

What Is Pandora?

Pandora is a high street jewelry brand which began its reign in Denmark. It now has a presence and makes sales in over 100 countries meaning that it could provide you with some great investment opportunities. They sell a range of products including rings, necklaces, bracelets and charms.

One of their most popular products is their charm bracelet. This comes in a range of designs and is designed to fit all of their bracelet charms. For this reason throughout this article we will be focusing specifically on how good of an investment Pandora bracelets could be. 

How Much Do Pandora Bracelets Cost?

Pandora’s bracelets are sold on their website for anywhere between $60 and close to 3000 dollars. This large price range is due to the fact that they are catering for a varied audience.

Pandora is a high street jewelry brand so therefore they aim to have products which are affordable to the majority of people. However, over recent years they have expanded exponentially so therefore they have started to include more luxury products. 

The charms that they sell to go on their bracelets also vary drastically in order to make their bracelets customisable in many different ways. 

How Well Do Pandoras Hold Their Value

Pandora only introduced their charm bracelets (which now dominate their bracelet department) in 2000 and therefore it can be quite difficult to say just how well they hold their value as they are still relatively new and there are no vintage additions available yet.

What we do know is that they have grown and grown in popularity over recent years. When considering their growing popularity and the rate of inflation it is fair to assume that they will not become cheaper anytime soon. 

Having said this, Pandora frequently brings out new collections. For instance, not too long ago they introduced their general Disney additions to the Pandora family and even more recently they introduced Star Wars. This is a good business move as it keeps them current however, for investors this isn’t ideal as it means that products become dated particularly quickly. 

In terms of being sold second hand jewelry always loses a lot of value. For instance an engagement ring that cost $!500 new can often be bought for just a half of that price when people buy second hand. This again can be bad news for investors depending on the route which you wish to take. Some investors will buy new and keep in original packaging with the intention of still selling new.

However, other investors enjoy their goods and then sell them as second hand but in good condition. The problem is that even if you intend on selling them as new and keep them in their packaging because they are relatively low value items buyers will often prefer to buy through the buyer directly meaning that you will still continue to sell them for full retail value.

However, one time where this might be different is if a product in your collection becomes discontinued as then it becomes more rare and is sought after from people who need to purchase it from somewhere outside of Pandora themselves. The problem is that you never know when and if a product is going to be discontinued so you can never bank on this. 

The Pros To Investing In Pandora Bracelets

  • They Are Not Too Expensive- As previously mentioned Pandora are a well known highstreet brand and therefore they are not very expensive. This means that there is less risk investing then there would be in something more expensive it also means that you can invest in multiple items at once.  
  • They Are a Well Known Brand- The fact that Pandora are a well known brand has two main benefits. One, you know what you are getting and can trust the sellers. Two, other people know what they are getting and are therefore more likely to buy it when the time comes to part ways. 
  • They Have More Expensive Options- Despite being relatively inexpensive they do also have some more expensive products which could be helpful should you be wishing to make more expensive investments. 
  • Lots of Silver- Silver is going up in value (although this could dip at any time) therefore, it can be a great thing to invest in. Not all of Pandora’s products, but lots of them are silver based. 

The Cons of Investing in Pandora Bracelets

  • Not High Value- Not being high value products does limit the risks with investing in Pandora. However, it also makes it difficult to make much profit on this investment and arguably it is a waste of time. 
  • Don’t Retain Their Value Well- Due to the constant updates coming to Pandora and the lack of value in second hand jewelry Pandora bracelets do not hold their value very well so you could make a loss.
  • Physical Entity- Investing in physical entities rather than in stocks and shares also comes with its own risks. For instance, they can get lost, broken or stolen, leaving you with nothing to show for your money. 

Final Thoughts

Overall, it is fair to say that investing in Pandora bracelets isn’t one of the most effective ways of investing your money. This is due to multiple factors such as the high probability of making a financial loss, the low value products and the decline of the second hand jewelry market.

However, having said this, investing in Pandora bracelets could always be a good option for someone who is just starting out their investing career as it is low value stock. Although low value isnt great for experienced investors it does offer new investors the chance to try it out without the potential of making really large losses.  

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