Are American Eagle Gold Coins a Good Investment?

Alternative forms of investment are growing increasingly popular with every single day that passes. Whereas people would once only invest their money in traditional investment routes that were seen as safe, now people are happy to take a risk, and so they will invest their money in different things. 

One thing that has started to become a popular investment opportunity in recent years is American Eagle Coins. To many people, this will seem like a strange thing to invest in. This is partly because there are quite a lot of people who don’t actually know exactly what an American Eagle coin is. 

Despite this, a lot of people are still choosing to invest their money into these coins. So what are they? And more importantly, are they a good investment? In this guide, we’ll be taking a look at everything you need to know about American Eagle coins, and investing in them. So, to find out more, keep on reading. 

What are American Eagle Coins?

Well, first, let’s take a look at exactly what American Eagle coins are. If you hadn’t heard of American Eagle coins before, then you will likely be surprised to hear that they are actually a type of precious metal.

This is because the weight of these coins, and the purity of the metal used to create them, is guaranteed by the US Government. So, when you invest in these coins, you are not really investing in the coins themselves, instead you are investing in the metal used to make them. 

There are a couple of different types of American Eagle coins which you can invest in. But, one of the most popular, and most worthwhile, is the American Eagle Silver Bullion coins. This is because the silver American Eagle coins are made with silver that is guaranteed to be at least 99.9% pure.

Of this coin, at least one troy is made up of this pure silver, and that is why they are a good investment. When it comes to investing, you can’t really go wrong with precious metals, and that is why American Eagle coins are becoming so popular. 

On the surface, these coins do not really look like they would be worth much. But, they actually hold their value pretty well. But does this make them a good investment? Let’s take a look. 

Are American Eagle Coins a Good Investment?

So, now that you know what American Eagle coins are, you are probably wondering whether, or not, they make a good investment. As we have said, yes, American Eagle coins are a good investment. This is especially true if you are looking to invest in precious metals, but don’t know where to begin.

There are lots of different types of precious metals that you can invest in, but the best options are the ones that are easily identifiable. Due to the bullion design of American Eagle coins, it is easy to see that these coins are legit, so trading them is made  a lot easier. 

The main reason why American Eagle coins make such a great investment is because they are good at holding value. So, you are unlikely to lose money on your investment, like you could potentially do if you were to invest in stocks and shares.

This makes investing in American Eagle coins a lot safer than some other forms of investment, and this is part of the reason this style of investment has become so popular. As we have said, precious metals are usually a safe bet when it comes to investing, and that is why American Eagle coins are so great. 

Do American Eagle Coins go up in Value? 

So, investing in American Eagle coins is a good idea. This is because, as we have said, they are excellent at holding their value because they are a precious metal. Precious metals generally do not depreciate, and this is because there will always be a limited quantity of pure metals on the planet.

So, these coins will always be sought after. The lack of supply for these coins will drive up the demand, and this will keep the value of these coins pretty steady. But will they ever go up in value?

Well, the answer to that will depend on the specific type of American Eagle coin that you have invested in. If you have invested your money into gold American Eagle coins, then you shouldn’t expect them to go up in value. Instead, you should expect to get a return on your investment (ROI) that is pretty equal to the money that you invested in the first place. 

But, if you have invested in a silver American Eagle coin, then you should expect the value to increase. Despite the fact that gold is always at the top of the podium when it comes to sports and achievements, silver is actually rarer, and therefore more valuable. This is why silver American coins are more likely to increase in value than any other type of American Eagle coin. 

Things to Consider Before Investing in American Eagle Coins

When you invest in an American Eagle coin, you are essentially investing in a precious metal, so there are lots of things you need to consider before you buy. Precious metals are a popular form of investment, but they are very different to some of the other routes available to you. So, before you get stuck in, it is important to consider a few things. Let’s take a look at what they are.

If you are investing in American Eagle coins because you want to invest in precious metals, you first need to question if investing in physical metal is the best choice for you. When you invest in precious metals, you have 2 primary choices: physical metal and financial forms of metal.

Physical metal is pretty self-explanatory, but financial forms of metal are a little more confusing. When we refer to financial metal, we mean exchange-traded funds (ETF). With ETFs, you do not own the metal, you simply take ownership of the fund. 

So, before you invest in American Eagle coins, the main thing you need to consider is whether you want to physically own a precious metal, or not. After all, this ownership comes with quite a lot of responsibility. 

Reasons to Invest in American Eagle Coins

There are lots of excellent reasons to invest in American Eagle coins, but ultimately, it always returns to the value of them. American Eagle coins are not a cheap investment, and they don’t always offer excessive ROI. But, they are a great way of tying your money up into something that isn’t liquid.

When you invest in an American Eagle coin, you know that you will be able to sell that coin in the future and get your money back. This is the main reason why you should consider investing in it. 

The other main reason why you should consider investing in an American Eagle Gold coin is if you want a safe investment. American Eagle gold coins generally do not gain value, but they do not lose it either. This makes them a lot safer than a lot of the other types of alternative investment routes out there.

They are also great if you want to invest your money with the purpose of liquidating it in small amounts in the future. This is because when you want a smaller amount of cash, all you have to do is trade one of your coins for cash. 


Are American Eagle coins valuable?

Yes, American Eagle coins are valuable, and they have been ever since they were first released in the 1980s. While the silver American Eagle coins are the most sought after of these coins, the gold versions are also incredibly valuable too. Both coins hold their value, so no matter which type of American Eagle coin you choose to invest in, it will be a safe investment with good ROI. 

Do Silver Eagles go up in value?

While gold American Eagle coins have been the focus of this guide, we have spoken about silver coins a lot, and that is because we couldn’t avoid mentioning them. After all, silver American Eagle coins are the ones that most investors focus on because they offer the opportunity to make money on your investment. This is because they go up in value, whereas gold American Eagle coins tend to stay static. Ultimately, the best option of the two will depend on what you want out of your investment. If you want a safe investment, we would recommend investing in American Eagle gold coins. 

Why are American Eagle gold coins a good investment?

American Eagle gold coins are Bullion coins, and this is what makes them a good investment. Bullion coins are a type of sovereign coin, and this makes them easy to recognize. For a new investor, this might not seem like a big deal. But, when you come to sell your coins in the future to liquidate your cash, the fact that they are easily recognizable will make trading them a lot easier. 

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