investigations of pension fraud, money management abuse, wrongdoing, securities brokerages, pension investment consultants, unethical business practices, benchmark alert, institutional investors, plan sponsors
investigations of pension fraud, money management abuse, wrongdoing, securities brokerages, pension investment consultants, unethical business practices, benchmark alert, institutional investors, plan sponsors
investigations of pension fraud, money management abuse, wrongdoing, securities brokerages, pension investment consultants, unethical business practices, benchmark alert, institutional investors, plan sponsors

Total News: 94   Total Reads: 491781    ARCHIVE OF ORIGINAL ARTICLES
   (November 2009) A ''Tipping Point'' for Public Pensions?

   (October 2009) On Your Own: Investing in An Era of Irrelevant Regulation

   (January 20, 2009) Press Release: Palm Beach Money Manager Investigations/ Benchmark as Lead Plaintiff in FINRA Class Action

   (October 29, 2008) Everyone Wants Kool Aid: Pruning the Money Management Tree

   (September 10, 2008) Recall of Most of Nation's 401k Plans

   (July 2008) Securities Lending By Pensions: An Emerging Duty of Best Execution in Securities Lending?

   (May 19,2008) "Capping" 401k Revenue Sharing: Record-keepers Block Rebates To Participants

   (April 8, 2008) Corporate Sponsors Agree: 401(k) Plan Results Don't Matter

   (March 20,2008) Another Perspective on the Shifting 401(k) Landscape: David Witz of Fiduciary Risk Assessment LLC

   (February 15, 2008 ) Challenges to 401ks Continue: A Conversation with Fred Barstein, CEO of 401kExchange

   (December 15, 2007 ) PBGC Pension Termination: A Worker's Perspective by Terry O'Rourke, United airlines

   (December 15, 2007) Regulators Intensify Scrutiny of Pensions

   (November 21, 2007 ) The Long Overdue Florida Public Pension Clean-Up

   (October 12, 2007) A Nation on the Precipice: Our Failed Retirement System

   (September 25, 2007 ) SEC Takes Action Against Pension Advisers Callan and Yanni

   (July 1, 2007) GAO Report Estimates Cost of Pension Consultant Conflicts: 1.3% of $4.5 trillion.

   (June 1, 2007) An Extreme Makeover Due For Defined Contribution Plans: 401(k), 403(b) and 457s All Under Attack

   (May 30, 2007) "Secrets" Surrounding the NASD/NYSE Merger: Did Merger Proxy Solicitation Violate Federal Securities Laws?

   (March 20, 2007) Pensions Perilously Binging Upon Hedge Funds

   (March 19, 2007) Merrill adjusts Policy On Pension-Fund Fees

   (December 30, 2006) Why I’m Voting Against The NASD/NYSE Merger

   (November 3, 2006) Retirement Savers Respond to Call for “Ownership Society”

   (October 30, 2006 ) The "No One’s To Blame" Game: Friendly “Forward Looking Operational Audits”

   (September 1, 2006 ) The Myth of Objective Health Insurance Advice

   (August 31, 2006) More Worries for Defined Contribution Plan Fiduciaries

   (July 25, 2006 ) End of the (Presumption of) Innocence

   (June 1, 2006 ) No One's Job: Siedle Speech at Florida Atlantic University, School of Accounting

   (May 2, 2006 ) Problems Areas for Pensions: 457/403(b); Custodial Services; Minority/Emerging Managers

   (March 28, 2006 ) Grand Jury Subpoena Regarding Fiduciary Investment Solutions; Murders and Pensions:The Need for Forensic Investigations

   ( February 28, 2006 ) GAO to Investigate Conflicts of Interest; Why the SEC Is In Danger of Becoming Irrelevant

   (December 6, 2005) Why the PBGC Can’t Afford Free Forensic Audits

   (November 6, 2005 ) Misappropriation of Investment Opportunities: An Explanation for Public Pension Boards’ Opposition to Consultant Investigations?

   ( September 2, 2005 ) Freakonomics: The Hidden Side of Managing Money

   (July 5, 2005) Secrets of the DOL and PBGC: What Happens When Pensions are Taken Over by the Government?

   (June 1, 2005) Consultants Intensify Opposition to Investigations of Their Conflicts

   (May 2, 2005) The Next Insurance Scandal

   (April 2, 2005) Louisiana Mandating Consultant/Manager Disclosure

   (February 2, 2005 ) The Art of Theft

   (January 2, 2005 ) Explaining Poorly Designed 401ks

   (December 2, 2004 ) Protecting Our Pensions: Lessons of the Mutual Fund Scandals

   (November 2, 2004 ) International Campaign to Eliminate Pension Consultant Abuses

   (October 2, 2004 ) Shame and Scandal in Florida Public Pension Community

   (September 4, 2004 ) Pension Consultant Shenanigans

   (August 2, 2004 ) Invasion of the Class Action Securities Lawyers

   (August 2, 2004 ) The Politics of Minority or Emerging Manager Programs

   (July 2, 2004 ) 401(k) Abuses: The Mutual Fund Industry’s Next Nightmare, By Ted Siedle and Steve Lansing, Sentinel Fiduciary Services

   (June 7, 2004 ) U.S. Institute Senior Delegates’ Roundtable Speech

   (May 2, 2004 ) The Heat is On Pension Consultants

   (April 4, 2004 ) The Great Mutual Fund Clean Up That Almost Happened

   (March 28, 2004 ) Felony Conviction: Ineligible to Manage Funds

   (February 28, 2004 ) SEC Scrutiny of Pension Consultants: A Call To Action

   (December 3, 2003 ) 2003: A Year of Awakening

   (November 1, 2003 ) Consequences of the Mutual Fund Industry's History of Transgressions

   (October 1, 2003 ) Early Warnings of Mutual Fund Illegalities

   (September 1, 2003) Emerging New Fiduciary Trends and Developments: Systems of Mass Deception vs. Systems of Enhanced Diligence

   (July 1, 2003 ) The Illusory Protection By “Most Favored Nation's" Clauses

   (June 1, 2003 ) The “Alternative” Investment Quagmire

   (May 1, 2003 ) Time’s Running Out For America’s Pensions

   (February 1, 2003) NASD Non-Disclosure Endangers Nation’s Pensions

   (January 1, 2003 ) Why Pension Investment Advisory Fees Are So High

   (December 1, 2002 ) Actuarial Limitations of Liability? (LOL) Laugh Out Loud!

   (Oct 1, 2002 ) Money Manager Use of Tainted Wall Street Research

   (September 1, 2002 ) Public Pension Shortfalls and Consultant Conflicts

   (July 1, 2002) Misdeeds of Stockbrokerages Under-reported

   (June 1, 2002 ) Compelling Pension Consultant Disclosure

   (May 1, 2002 ) Investigating Brokerages

   (April 2, 2002 ) The Best Investment Advice: Fundamental Truths About the Business of Managing Your Money

   (April 1, 2002 ) Pension Consultant Conflicts of Interests

   (March 1, 2002) NASD Threatens Suit Over The Siedle Directory of Securities Dealers

   (February 1, 2002) An End to 401(k)s

   (January 1, 2002 ) Minority-Owned Brokerages vs. Pension Brokers: Fighting for the Same Commission Dollars

   (December 1, 2001) The Shape of Things to Come

   (November 1, 2001) Consultant Refuses to Disclose Manager Brokerage to Pension - Asserts Duty to Protect Confidentiality of Its Brokerage Clients!

   (September 1, 2001) The Duty To Investigate Pension Consultant Conflicts

   (August 1, 2001) Financial Analysts: Writing Research That Benefits Their Employers and Themselves

   (July 1, 2001) The Politics of Fraud: How Pension Politics Enable Money Managers To Commit Fraud

   (June 1, 2001) Anatomy of (Yet Another) Hedge Fund Fraud

   (March 2, 2001) 401(k)s: Far More Dangerous Than IRAs

   (January 1, 2001) When Money Managers Are "Sanctioned" By The SEC: 3 Tips To Protect Funds

   (November 1, 2000) No Freedom of Information When It Comes to Money Managers

   (October 1, 2000) Pensions and Brokerage: The Brokerage Battlefield Revisited

   (September 1, 2000) A Proposal For Managing Pension Consultants

   (August 1, 2000) Hidden Crimes; Too Many Secrets: How Money Managers Hide Illegalities From Investors

   (May 1, 2000) Pensions Funds: Funding Unsavory Practices of Venture Capitalists

   (July 1, 1998) Mutual Fund Personal Trading Illegalities: Letter to Barry Barbash, Director of Division of Investment Management, Securities and Exchange Commission

   ( July 1, 1998) Letter to Editor of BusinessWeek Re: Mutual Fund Personal Trading

   (July 1, 1998) Response to Request for Public Commentary on SEC's Proposed Amendments to Rules Governing Mutual Fund Managers' Personal Trading

   (January 1, 1997) Soft Dollar Zone: A Sensitive Area

   (April 1, 1996 ) Investment Management Consultants: What's Behind the Veil?

   (April 1, 1996 ) Consultants With Affiliated Broker-Dealers: How Independent Is Their Advice?

   (April 1, 1996) New SEC Action: More Brokerage Disclosure to Confuse Mutual Fund Investors

   (June 1, 1995) Marketing: Should Consultants Be Your Focus?

   (June 1, 1995) Investment Consultants: It's Time to Clearly Define Their Role

   (March 1, 1995) Proposed SEC Soft Dollar Rule: Is It What It Appears?

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